Analogue photography of beautiful Amsterdam canal houses and exquisite interiors showcased in the heart of the vibrant City. In a location with a longstanding and unique history. In short: a crossover experience connecting heritage, contemporary times, art and architecture. What more can you wish for? Well, add a touch of design and the feast for the eyes and mind is complete.

photo by Dandy In The Bronx

An interview with City Cufflinks® designer on the art of wearing cufflinks, also beyond office hours. A stylish icon, making a statement. For contemporary city men, ánd women. Especially for aficionados of London, New York City and Amsterdam.

Photo by Eleanor Prince

For over 400 years, the Netherlands and the United States have been partners.

Holland on the Hill, a joint project of the Netherlands Embassy, the Dutch Caucus, the Netherlands business community and the Netherland-America Foundation aims to strengthen these ties on an economic, political and cultural level. 

Every year for the last 34 years an elegant and festive event is held at the famous Plaza hotel in New York City. The Peter Stuyvesant Ball, initiated by the Netherland-America Foundation (NAF). This foundation aims to strengthen the longstanding strong ties between the United States and the Netherlands.

WAARSCHUWING - Verstikkingsgevaar: kleine onderdelen. Niet bedoeld voor kinderen jonger dan 6 jaar. Houd product weg van kinderen jonger dan 6 jaar, huisdieren en andere dieren. Voorzichtig omgaan met product in nabijheid van het lichaam en kleding. Zet geen kracht op manchetknopen omdat sterling zilver kan verbuigen.