Waldorf Astoria New York

During the month of October 2020 a selection of unique objects from the historic Waldorf Astoria New York will be auctioned. Fine furnishings which have witnessed so many extraordinary people and special moments at this legendary hotel.

These objects, though in many cases already beautiful by themselves, are lifted beyond the ordinary aesthetics because of their legacy. The chairs, tables and mirrors on auction are exceptional because they are linked to a place where ‘it all happened’ and where history was made. It’s the memories and stories associated with the object that make the difference. Combing the tangible and the intangible. Even more, a tangible memento facilitates the impact and duration of the actual recollection of treasured moments passed.

This power of connecting special moments in your favourite city to a concrete object is the very foundation of our collection of world cities, including our renowned New York City Cufflinks. Developed in collaboration with New York City dwellers. Your tangible city memento is available, now it’s up to you to connect your special city moments to these handcrafted gems.

If walls could talk, let alone your cufflinks…

PS For those interested in the Waldorf Fine Furnishings auction, we gladly refer to this link.

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