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Maastricht memento

Maastricht is an extraordinary city. Capital of the Province of Limburg, in the South of the Netherlands. Part of the Netherlands, and not at the same time. The cosmopolitan lifestyle from the more southern countries, like France and Belgium can be felt. Joi de vivre, in style. Located on both sides of the Maas river. Its earliest history goes back to Roman times. The city became world famous because of the Maastricht Treaty (birthplace of the EURO). A mix of historic buildings and contemporary architecture defines Maastricht as the city it is today.

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“A mini sculpture of Maastricht, intertwined with De Maas River as Silver Lining of a Burgundy Lifestyle and Ancient History”

Maastricht on request

We have developed a design for the city of Maastricht in collaboration with local people from Maastricht. Yet again, capturing the essence of a unique city.

A number of buildings jointly representing the essence of Maastricht are depicted. In random order: City Hall, House on the Jeker, The Basilica of Saint Servatius, Dinghuis, the Gouvernement, Hell’s Gate, the Hoofdwacht, The Basilica of Our Lady, Château Neercanne, the Bonnefanten Museum, the Crosier Monastery (Kruisheren Cloister).

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The pre-subscription was successful, so the Maastricht City Cufflinks will be crafted by our silversmith. We thank all of the subscribers, who made this new product on request possible.

Sometimes we have a limited number of sets left. These sets we will make available via our online store. In case of sufficient demand - when the 500 sets maximum as set has not yet been reached - we can additionally manufacture a number of sets.

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Maastricht set No. 1 for Governor of Limburg

On 8 May 2019 Mr. Theo Bovens, the Governor (King’s Commissioner) of the Province of Limburg was presented set No. 1 of the Maastricht City Cufflinks at the prestigious Amstel hotel in Amsterdam. This took place at the renowned National Asparagus Party, an event celebrating the business and cultural ties between Limburg and nation’s capital Amsterdam.

The Governor of Limburg, based in Limburg’s capital Maastricht, loved our Maastricht design and accepted the first set on behalf of the Province. On his suggestion this unique set will be worn by him during his term of office and subsequently handed down to future successors. Yet again linking people and creating new cufflink moments.




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