About City Cufflinks ©

City Cufflinks® is a design brand offering a series of world cities designs epitomized in silver. All cufflinks are handmade of the highest quality sterling silver. Design by Seroj.

“The cufflinks are meant both as a practical quality men’s accessory as well as a pure object of design merely to watch and admire. It’s all in the eye of the beholder. Our design objects are miniature sculptures of world cities, also to be used as cufflinks. A nice crossover of art, architecture and design.


Amsterdam based product and accessory designer Seroj de Graaf -famous for his eye for details- dreamed for years of cufflinks appealing to his demanding taste. Seroj found inspiration in the diversity and beauty of the iconic canal houses in his hometown. The result: the Amsterdam Canal Cufflinks®.

The Mayor of Amsterdam acquired the first set, appreciated them and the rest -as they say- is history. The Amsterdam Canal Cufflinks® became an instant design classic.

The Amsterdam Canal Cufflinks® induced the ideas for a series of world cities. Each design captures the essence of a city creating new shapes and forms yet with certain design signatures such as the precisely-faceted top of each of the cufflinks. A shining star almost concealing the specific characteristics of the city displayed. All designed by Seroj.

Our vision

World cities are growing at a spectacular rate, thus becoming hubs for people sharing similar dreams and ambitions. No matter the differences in background there is a profound urge to connect to others within these centres of experience. Important parts of people’s lives happen in these cities.

At the same time everybody loves aesthetics. Whether in art, architecture or other manifestations of human imagination or nature for that matter. Since the pace of life is accelerating, the need to occasionally slow down and appreciate the special moments is tremendously. This has urged us to take our time to realise high-end objects with a story and manufacture them by hand. City narratives turned into a concrete object. Bringing about a lasting impact because of its timeless design, high quality materials and foremost because they are shared at a special moment.

Our ambition

Making your special moments last a lifetime by creating the most distinctive high-end mementos of world cities.

WARNING – Choking Hazard: small parts. Not intended for children under 6 years. Keep away from children under 6 years. Keep away from pets and other animals. Handle with the utmost care for body and clothes. Do not use force on cufflinks because sterling silver can bend.